When ordinary code monkeys just won't do...

My name is Bjorn Geuns. I'm an independent software engineer living and working in Belgium. September 2012 I started Code Gorilla to provide services such as contracting, code reviews and consulting. Currently my focus lies on the .Net platform, specializing in backend, web and desktop development. I also have a strong interest in mobile development, as an extension on new or existing software suites.

I started my career in 2002 as a researcher at EDM - Expertise centre for Digital Media , a spin-off of UHasselt University specializing in the field of Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interaction and Networked Virtual environments. During my time there I worked on several international projects in cooperation with other research facilities and industry partners. These projects revolved around cutting edge technology, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

After 5 years I decided to take up new challenges and start a career as a software engineer focusing mainly on the .NET platform. In my work as a software engineer I aim to keep up with the latest technology and techniques. I strive to write code that is maintainable, scalable, performant, extensible, testable and understandable. Code that will run smoothly and will remain to do so during it's entire lifecycle. In order to achieve this, I invest a lot of time getting to know a technology, what is under the hood, what makes it tick, what are the pitfalls and how to get the most of it.

For more information on my curriculum vitae feel free to contact me or visit my profile on LinkedIn